“...the images within this collection touch the mind, heart and the soul. These visions of creativity are a positive and powerful reminder of how once touched by an artist, as I have been by Wendy Csoka..., you become not just a fan of the work, but an admirer who is ever so grateful that visionaries like Wendy Csoka
create in our midst."

-Robert Spiotto, Artistic Director, Community Arts Programs, Executive Producer, Hofstra USA Productions

Book: The Art of Wendy Csoka

Written in Question and Answer format and beautifully illustrated with 115 full color and black and white images, this unique husband and wife collaboration gives insight into the creative process of a painter who’s work has been the source of inspiration and comfort to many.

Frank Csoka, Professor in Communication Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, was granted a sabbatical to write this book on the thirty-plus year
artistic journey of his wife, Wendy Csoka. Everything is Asleep Until it Wakes Up is the striking result.

This is the second art book Frank has designed with a colleague, Sandy Graff. His first book, Endless is the Way Leading Home - the Art of Stephen Csoka, explored the life and art of his internationally celebrated Hungarian-born father, Stephen Csoka.

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