Works on Paper - Small

Poodles With Lampshades

Blue Couch

Birds of a Feather

Horse & Blue Chair

Dreaming of All My Wonderful Shoes

Fixing the Flower Boxes

I Have Cried Listening to Music Played Only by Violin

Sleeping Horses

Men and Their Best Friends

Putting on the Ballet Shoes

Deciding What Hat to Wear

Putting My Sneakers on in the Morning

Man Becoming Aware of Life's Mysteries

Man and Woman Bathing Together

Women and Petticoats

Women and Their Dogs

Dog Waiting on Sand While Man Swims

Men Running With the Bulls

What Is That Connection Between Man and Animals

Dreaming of Accessories

Deciding What Shoes to Wear on the Floor of My Closet

Man Rescuing Dogs

Dog Taking a Break While Woman Walks Him

Man Making Sculpture of Bird Out of Wood